Tom Curley's Opening Keynote at ONA Conference

We are shifting from an old “telegraph” model of pushing news to our subscribers through proprietary pipelines to a database model, where our customers can retrieve what they want, when they want it, over the network.

Our content is being formatted and databased to facilitate this new on-demand access, and, most important, we’re realigning our human resources to cover the kinds of stories people want to read and watch. We’re equipping our bureaus worldwide with flashcams. We’re adding domestic video to our content portfolio. We’ve established regional editing desks around the world to drive content from conceptualization to consumption.

Politics and breaking news remain a core strength — as we have demonstrated once again in the election, as well as in Iraq where we spend millions to cover the war and keep our journalists at the front safe. And we also have increased our coverage of financial news, entertainment and news for young audiences.

And we’re trying to harness the right technologies — search and RSS in particular — to plot a strategy for moving AP content where it needs to go in the new, free-flowing world of Web 2.0.

Tom Curley’s Opening Keynote at the ONA Conference (via 태우’s log)

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