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[태그:] jolt award

Jolt Awards 2013

2013년 Jolt Awards: The Best Books의 목록입니다. Jolt Award Lean UX By Jeff Gothelf with Josh Seiden Productivity Award Taming Text By Grant S. Ingersoll, Thomas S. Morton, and Andrew L. Farris Dependency Injection in .NET By Mark Seeman Finalist NoSQL Distilled By Pramod Saldage and Martin Fowler Team Geek…

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Jolt Awards 2011

Excellence Award는 Continuous Delivery, Productivity Award는 Seven Languages in Seven Weeks와 Mining the Social Web이 수상했다. 이들 Top 3 이외에 당장 관심이 가는 책은 Martin Fowler의 DSL 책, Scalability Rules 정도. The Best Books Domain-Specific Languages, by Martin Fowler The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4A: Combinatorial Algorithms, Part…

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